Linda Inlay - Linda Inlay
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Master teacher in Awakening Wisdom:
Empower learners. Create community. Free minds.

A systems approach to create
successful school cultures

Co-founder of Ho`āla School
Principal of River School for 18 years

41 years as teacher and administrator,
refining Awakening Wisdom to nurture students

An educational leader passionate about
the well being of our youth

Published Author
Testimonials for the Awakening Wisdom

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.”

– Antoine de Saint Exupery

A Little About Linda

        Linda has been an educator for forty-one years, starting at Our Lady of Sorrows School, a small Catholic school in Hawaii.  There she learned a new educational program being implemented that is now called Awakening Wisdom, the result of the collaboration between Sr. Joan Madden, the principal, and an Adlerian psychologist, Dr. Raymond Corsini.  In the interview for the position, Sr. Joan said to Linda, “You know, you don’t just teach subjects; you teach who you are.”  This bit of wisdom has guided Linda in her own development at Our Lady of Sorrows for fifteen years and then twenty-six years in California teaching in comprehensive public middle schools, as a district Gifted and Talented Resource teacher, and, finally, eighteen years as principal of a charter middle school, River School. There she developed the processes of Awakening Wisdom that support students’ social and emotional needs and character development through the implicit curriculum of the school’s culture. In her retirement she is writing a book on the lessons she has learned about the power of Awakening Wisdom to create respectful learning environments that nurtures self-wisdom.  Following through on Sr. Joan’s request, “When you bake good bread, you share the recipe,” she is also working on a non-profit to share Awakening Wisdom so more students and their families can benefit.